Saturday, March 13, 2010

Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala - Thanks to Delhi Metro

Written by me on Burrp, Jan 07, 2009

Thanks to the metro, when you come out of the metro station and enter Chandni Chowk through the narrow alley, you encounter this shop on the corner. I tried the stuff without knowing the legend or popularity and found it to be good. Different from the lot of other places in Delhi.

Later I realized how famous and popular this place was, but I still enjoy an occasional bhalla there.

Natraj Dahi Bhalle Wala 
1396, Chandni Chowk, Delhi
Phone: 65364631, 9811167400

Howzatt - the ONE and only in Country

Written by me on Burrp, Jan 21, 2009

This is kind of proud moment for me, to review a place that is one of its kind in not only in the city but country itself.

As many of us know that Micro-Breweries are quite popular in the west, however in India we do not have the culture yet. There are one that we thought would come up in Gurgaon and after following up for 6 months and that not opening, we gave up following up. But this weekend, my friends decided to meet at Howzzat and they told me that its a Micro brewery, I was surprised that I was not aware about its opening.

Now one I entered the place, I got the feel of a super expensive lounge, and I started taking account of the moolah I had in pocket :D. As the name suggestes, its a cricket theme places, with large screen and few more strategically placed screens. The seating looked quite plush and all the metal that was shining from the brewery made it look uber.

Anyhow, I settled down and looked at the menu, the first thing was beer, they have four different types of beer and 3 of them were not available at that time (it was 6 pm, we were told that other beers would be ready as evening progresses) so we ordered what was available.

So we started of with bouncer (name of beer), which was quite good in taste, rich, flavorful, smooth are few of the terms I can find to define it. After some time they asked us that they have some other beer also available, and gave us samples of the same, however compared to bouncer we did not like the other one too much. And later in the evening, they gave us more samples but we were happy with our bouncer itself.

Coming to food, we ordered lot of things and I not even recall the names of the same, but whatever we ordered was quite good and lapped up quite fast by our group. They had this preparation of mushrooms, which was particular favorite of our group and we made multiple orders of the same.

The price of beer were actual surprise for me, it was Rs.285 +taxes for a 1.5l pitcher, which is quite okay by any standards, and this we are talking about fresh and rich beer. However other drinks were super expensive, a large (60ml) Smirnoff costed around Rs.650. We ordered 7 or 8 pitchers of beer, 3 large Smirnoffs and lot of snacks, the total damage was close to Rs.7k.

I definitely recommend this place for beer drinkers, which is priced very well and tastes very well. An ideal place for couple of pints with your friends.

Hotel Galaxy, Sector-15, PART- II, NH-8, Exit-8, Sector 15, Gurgaon
Landmark: Behind 32nd Milestone
Phone: 4565000, 4032222  

Bittoo Tikki Wala - The most famous Tikki in Tikki-Land

Written by me on Burrp, Jan 09, 2009
This dude has to be the most famous chaat walla in the city, which is known for its chaat. His tikki has taken the status of a legend and people rave about his stuff. He now is also a regular fixture in weddings.

You can call it my misfortune, that I had never ever tasted his stuff earlier, but I got the 'opportunity' couple of weeks back and I was not disappointed.

The tikki was very well done, crisp and tasty. Infact after spending around 20 minutes and Dahi and Chutney it still had that crispy feel to it. The dahi was of top quality and embellishments flavorful. Same was true for his Bhalle, which were quite good too. Tasked the Kachallu after a long time, and they did taste good on the Bhalle.

All in all, even though its not the original one, but still this place lived upto the legend.

Bittoo Tikki Wala

G-46, Aggarwal Millennium Tower, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, Delhi

Mithlesh Ande Walla - Singhs made him the king :D

Written by me on Burrp, Jan 07, 2009 

Well, one evening while passing through Ramesh Nagar, my friend showed me a egg stall and told me that this guys sells an omelet for Rs.50. I though he was joking and decided to ask the rates myself. And he was correct, this guy standing on a street cart had the audacity to ask for Rs.50 for a omelet, and did not want to share what was so special about it.

However that was a different story, after asking the rates, my friend said that he can show be a far better place and there they do it for Rs.25 only. And we straight away shot off to Tilak Nagar to sample the stuff. the Rs.50 omelet would be tried and review later by yours truly.

This place is like on of those gems, that will have no results on Google. but when you go to them you would have to wait 15 to 30 minutes to get served. And all they do is omelets, and there are 3 people making them at once, but still at-least 15 minutes is the waiting time.

Sometimes I wonder what can a guys do differently in an Indian style omelet, but some people do manage to surprise me. Now this one located in hardcore Punjabi locality was expected to be generous on butter, and generous he was. After cooking the omelets and heating the breads in butter there comes another dollop of it before he serves and if that was not all, a splatter of cream to top it up.

Now coming to the chutney, its Magic. Its very different from what we are used to. Raw tomatoes, onion, garlic, chillies and god knows what combined together in a chutney. Its like a combination of green chutney and tomato ketchup and much better than that. Raw tomatoes hold a different flavor altogether.

For Rs.25, its sure a treat, I have rated some places earlier to, but this one is something that has potential to blow one away.

By the way there are other joints splatted around this one, one soup waala, one tangri waala and god knows what all, they do good business because of this dude, but they do add value to the place.

Mithlesh Ande Walla
Tilak Nagar, Jail Road, Near Tilak Nagar Metro Station, Janakpuri, Delhi
Landmark: Opposite HDFC Bank

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ram Kachodi - Thank you Hanuman Ji..

Yesterday was a Sunday, and at around 10:45 am, my dad's religious spirit awakened and he wanted to visit Lord Hanuman's temple behind Red Fort. It popularly goes by name of Marghat Waale Hanuman ji. Well anyhow, who wants to get out of rajai at that hour in winters, however after dad promised some breakfast, I was game.

He is ultimate foodie and encyclopedia when it comes to Delhi's street food, so eating out with him is always a pleasure. Anyhowwe reached the mandir complex by 11:45 am, only to find out that temple closes at 11:30 am. While my parents were disappointed and sulking, I was grinning and drooling :D. It was like Hanuman Ji has ensured that I drive more than 10 km to reach there and have his prasad a.k.a KACHODIS....he is not my favorite god for nothing.

Regardless of the general hygiene of the temple complex, which is as sad as any other temple in he city, you can spot few shops selling Kachori, bread pakora, poori and stuff. Out of those 'Ram Kachodi' seemed most prominent, and we decided to have a go. Rs.12 per plate for piping hot stuff. First few bites did not excite me, could taste lot of baking soda in the pithi (stuffing), and thought what a disappointment it was, should have tried other outlets. However enter peice number two and things suddenly changed. The excessive soda was gone, and now the kachodi was as good as any, if not better. Suddenly I realised that it was quite well done, and had spent a lot of time over fire. It was quite crispy, but not hard at all.

There is nothing more divine on face of earth than a properly cooked and stuffed kachodi, and Ram kachodi had that on offer. You cannot blame me for having 2 more after that, and still wanting more. I sincerely thank Lord Hanuman from bottom of my heart or rather top of my belly,for making me come to temple, only to shower me with his blessings in form of food.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Pranathas near Moolchand

Now this one is another legend of the city. If one tries to think of Delhi and Paranthas, its quite easy to assume that Paranthas would be sold at every nook and corner of the city, as we do swear by our paranthas. but unfortunately that is not the case. In this parantha crazy city, everyone only likes what their mom makes (or wfie maybe) and do not generally go out for paranthas.  And yes, the legendary Paranthe waali gali is alive in  legends only, its a sham.

However the Paranthe-walla sitting opposite Vikran Hotel, near Moolchand Hospital in Lajtap Nagar is one of the few that has been able to make a name for itself. It is know by many names, but yes, most of the foodies in the city would know about this place for sure.

As any other famous and roadside joint, this place is often crowded, hygiene is not what you are looking for, food comes cheap and there are not many who do better than them. I guess the most expensive Parantha on the menu would not cross Rs.20, and they have a good variety of those. The most famous one being Egg Parantha.You can have them with combination of Rajma, Boondi Raita, butter or either one of those. They serve it with Masala on top and bunch of spiced up green chillies.

And yes, coming to actual praranthas they are quite good, made on a giant Tawa with perfection of an assembly line. Its the stuff that Taxi waalas eat for a days heavy lunch and youngster after their evening party sessions in fancy clubs and pubs.

If you notice, I have not commented on taste, well is it not a given :D with the description above.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baba Nagpal Ke Chhole Bhature

Being a Delhiite, its impossible to avoid Chhole Bhature. Every single citizen of the city would have his/her favorite outlet for the same.

When we talk about Nagpal from Amar colony, we are talking about top of league here. In a city which has a (or two) Cholle Bhature waala at very corner, Nagpal would feature in Top 5 of any self respecting food lover. For some it might be number one, for some number 5, but it has to be there, because they hardly do better than him.

Its not hard to find, just go in Amar colony and ask anyone, and you will be directed to the outlet. The prices are average at Rs.30 per plate. There are other things on the menu too like, Rajma Rice, Shahi Paneer rice etc.

The stuff is pretty heavy, a foodie like me is satiated with two bhaturas itself. If going there on weekend, be prepared to brave some crowds. Generally the stuff sells out by 2 pm.